As a seller, here’s what you need to be thinking about!

1. How much is your home worth?

  • We will provide you with a CMA or Comparative Market Analysis. This is a report containing information on all of the homes currently for sale and homes that have sold in your area
  • We will also provide a property analysis of your home's condition, compared to other homes in your area
  • We then take these two reports and our neighborhood experience to arrive at a price that will sell your property in the shortest amount of time at the highest reasonable price

2. Why is listing your property with McKnight and Associates the way to go?

3. What is sellers part in selling their home?

  • Price - the most important this will determine how fast your home sells and is the biggest determining fact. The seller controls the price.
  • Product - Keeping your home clean, making sure your gone for the buyers appointments. The seller controls the property's appearance.
  • Promotion - This is making sure buyers are looking at your property. The Realtor controls all aspects of promotion.

4. How do I choose a Realtor® and how will he promote my property?

  • Is your Realtor® experienced?
  • Does he/she have a marketing plan to put in place?
  • How will he/she promote your home?

At McKnight and Associates, we will show you that we are the best.